Sunday, September 12, 2010

I just finished playing the VN (Visual Novel), Brass Restoration and I really enjoyed it. It has just the right balance of quirky humor and dark drama. 

In the story, you play Ryo, a talented percussionist who loses his arm in a horrific accident. The story begins on the day the accident occurs and then fast forwards several months in the future when Ryo is released from the hospital. Once you're back out in the world, you begin pursuing and forming bonds with the female protagonists in your life. Each girl has her own story arc and once you've picked one, you're stuck with that route until the end of the game. (Unless you have save points at critical points. Which you should.)

Brass Restoration is a freeware game developed by Twincle Drop and has been translated by this guy.

You can download the game through these links:



A guide written by the translator: Guide

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