Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Benefits of a Dakimakura

So, a lot of non-otakus have been bashing the dakimakura by saying it's "sad" and for "losers." But, little do they know that having a hug pillow is actually beneficial towards one's health.

The most obvious advantage of having a dakimakura is that you have something to hold onto and hug when you are sleeping. Of course having your waifu printed on the pillowcase just makes it better.

Sleeping on your side comes highly recommended by doctors, and having a dakimakura (or just a regular body pillow) to put your legs around helps support your hips, resulting in a more comfortable sleep.

Human beings are naturally social creatures, so it feels good and reduces stress when you're hugging something while you sleep. It doesn't matter that what you're hugging is a 2D anime character.